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Joined 4 years ago from That most noble state, Texas, in America. It's still the home of the brave. Freedom is iffy now.




Song choice of the day, "Last in Line" by Dio, Ronny James, RIP.  

You will have to Youtube it.  Sorry, but the links no longer work on profile pages.  Hey, it's OK.  The profiles look better.


Question of the week - If it's a crime, i.e. treason, to aid and abed the enemy when at war, why aren't those who gave our money to the Taliban in prison for treason?  There is still an officially declared war on terrorism is there not?    


WARNING!  Dager, Will Robinson.  Danger!

Can you say rfid chip?  Did you know there is legislation being proposed to make them mandatory?  Can you say hello to the mark of the beast?  Don't take my word for it.  Youtube it.  Goggle it, scope on it yourself.  Get ready Christians.



Thought of the month: April - CISPA.  Check it out.  Our loving government, in their ongoing desire to do what is best for us, is pumping this piece of legislation.  Boiled down, it mandates internet service providers turn over any information about any user at any time the government wishes, without warrent of course.  Can't you just feel the love?  Sarcasm much!


Thought of the week - ending March -  Considering America's economic conditions, the dwindling job market, unstable banking industry and so on, how on God's green and verdent earth do our elected leaders justify their selfish and wasteful spending of tax payer dollars to live large?


Thought of the week- beginning March - If the United States government is for the people, of the people and by the people, then why is the supposed leader of the people now wanting free reign to order drone strikes on the people?!?


What tipping point can you think of that humanity is not hurdeling towards at the speed of light?  What can we do about it?  Most likely, not much.  Buckle up!


We are collectively on the path to our own destruction like a train about to collide into a mountain.  Woo woo!


Do you want to help save America?  Check this out, fellow hubber, TheManWithNoPants and his baby, The Housefire Project.


Some months ago, but still a threat to freedom.


OK, talk about scary.  This is it!  Somehow, the loving governments of our world have decided to come up with a law that bundles food production, medicine, and internet freedom into one hell of an evil piece of legislation that will kill off millions of us if allowed to stand.  Can you say ACTA?


Hanging out in the old noodle for a while:

So many of us kept hearing after the election this and after the election that.  It was like the entire nation waited,  holding its breath for a chance to fix the impending demise we all could smell coming, regardless of how willing we may or may not have been to admit it. Now the election is past and nothing is better.  In fact, things are getting worse at an alarming rate.

Have you heard of the predicted hyperinflation?  Do you think it knows of the date we have all set to be the starting buzzer for the cure?  Do you think it cares?  Tick tock peeps.

Make plans for the future.  Take action now.


While the 2012 end times scare came and went without the planetary implosion so many touted, now there are the rumors of a spacial planetary threat, the end signified by the last portrait slot in the Vatican being filled and said Pope exiting, rumors of war and wars, the list just goes on.  It occurs to me that in many ways it is a bit like Pascal's wager in this regard. If it is to be the last, then one has nothing to lose by living to the fullest. If they are wrong, again, what have you got to lose by living to the fullest? So, live it up peeps, like it's your last.  For you never know. It very well may be. How long do any of us have? We will never know until such time as time is up. Live today as if tomorrow will never come.

If you are unfamiliar with Pascal's wager, it posits the belief that if God exists and you believe, then you have lost nothing, if God does not exist and you believe, then you have lost nothing... It goes the other way, too, of course. If God exist and you believe, you have gained. If God exist and you do not believe, you have lost everything. The term wager always struck me as somewhat inappropriate. Believe, for his divine existence is truth.


Fantasy is the magic carpet on which the mind soars.  It is the fabric of whimsy, the air of enticement, the very soul of imagination.  I hope that you too will take the time to travel into the world of whimsy.  Can't you tell by the name?  I love poetry and poetry of the epic fantasy variety is my all time favorite, though I dearly love gothic horror too. 


Any and all writing contained in and/or on my Hubs is my original work and is copyright as such.


Current favorite quote (or close to it)...

"It is not our abilities that define us.  It is our choices."

Albus Dumbledore 

 "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything."  Sorry guys and gals, I don't know who said it first.  I heard it on "Sucker Punch".  That was a very strange movie.  


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